Andrew Stone


HEY, IT’S ME! :)


Andrew Stone

… is a 21yr old lifestyle & portrait photographer, videographer, and artist, who enjoys the beauty of life - people, places, and all the little things in between. He believes in capturing the simplicity of an authentic moment in time, which is “priceless”. Growing up in Minnesota, Andrew has always found a way to make the everyday a new adventure. He spent most of his childhood drawing on just about anything he could get his hands on - church bulletins, exams, napkins, and even tissues ;) Believing that we are created to create, Andrew spends his days creating something. Whether that be through a photo, drawing, or design, it’s all part of his purpose in life.

“At the end of the day, let’s love well and pull out the ‘gold’ in others!”


top image by Nick Kruse & bottom image by Justin Monroe